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Something in My Hand

I recently read a devotion based on Exodus 4. In this chapter, Moses is telling God why he cannot do what God has called him to do. I’ve lost count of how many devotions I’ve read that are based on this same scripture. I’m guessing that means that there are many people who can identify with Moses arguing with God about his calling. I guess that also means I have plenty of company when I argue with God about what He is asking me to do. I have told God - you have me confused with someone else. There must be someone standing behind me that you are talking to because you cannot possibly be asking me to do that.

It seems that each time I re-read this chapter, the verse that screams out to me is verse 2 - God asks Moses - what is in your hand. God is asking - what have I put in your hand that you are to use in your calling.

God’s calling or purpose for me is not about what I think I’m capable of. It’s about what I can do with God by my side. It’s about the gifts and strengths God gave me that I may not even recognize. It’s not about my plan, my to do list, my desires. And it’s definitely not about what is easy. It’s all about God’s purpose for my life. My true purpose. And, no, I cannot do this on my own. But God has put something in my hand, just like he put a staff in Moses’ hand.

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