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A Heart-Warming
Book by
Leta Buhrmann


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My Story

LETA BUHRMANN was born and raised in Weldon, Illinois. She graduated from Illinois State University, and although she did not hear God calling her to write well until adulthood, books have filled Leta's life for as long as she can remember.

Though she grew up in a family of faith, it wasn't until her own faith settled in her heart that she understood and felt redemption in her own life. Now, she uses writing to show other women that God loves them regardless of their pasts and society's judgement of them.

Leta and her husband life in central Illinois and have been blessed with two daughters, one son-in-law, one "grand-horse," and one "grand-kitty."


About Leta's debut novel - "It Is Well"

For most of her adult life, Lydia Roberts has lived on the run from her emotions her emotions and her family. A childhood defined by trauma and pain taught her not to trust others — especially not God. Amid a myriad of tragedies and poor decisions, Lydia convinces herself that she is unlovable, blaming God for her pain. To protect herself, she builds a wall around her heart to keep herself safe, failing to realize that although this wall will keep others at bay, it will also hold her prisoner to the guilt, shame, and torment she feels inside. 

But when her grandmother's failing health requires Lydia to return to the family farm, she is forced to confront her past and face her feelings. There, she beings a journey toward redemption and God's forgiving grace, learning that the story of the "Woman at the Well" isn't just another Bible story; it can be her life, too. Through the foresight, love, and wisdom from her grandmother, Lydia begins to discover what it will take to answer her grandmother's question: "Is it well with your soul?"

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